When it comes to fitting out a public restroom, whether in a high-class restaurant or company offices, decisions must be made around the facilities. A key choice is whether to opt for paper towels or hand dryers. While paper towels can seem like a low-cost, easy to install option, they actually require regular maintenance including personnel to replenish and dispose of used towels. Hand dryers however require little to no maintenance and if the right hand dryer is installed, can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of users.

Of course, a hand dryer is just a hand dryer – isn’t it? Well, actually no, when it comes to hand dryers there is plenty of choice, ranging from performance to aesthetics. We have rounded up our favourite hand dryers and outlined some of the key venues they could be installed…

Large establishments

When the overall look is important, then the Tekflo® Blade makes the perfect choice. The contemporary ‘hand in’ design is not only incredibly efficient at drying hands (taking just eight seconds) but because excess water is collected in the bottom, slips from wet floors can be prevented too.

The Blade looks at home anywhere but with its streamlined looks and discrete noise levels it is particularly suited to high profile places such as hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings. Available in three modern finishes (brushed metal, reflex silver and arctic white) the Blade can also be customised to suit its location. This means almost any colour can be achieved along with logos or other branding.

Smaller venues

For smaller offices, pubs and restaurants the Tekflo® Essential hand dryer makes a great choice. Not only is it quiet and cost effective to run, but it also offers modern good looks!

Taking a mere 20 seconds to dry hands, it is an efficient choice.  The simple design is enhanced by the choice of three colour finishes; brushed metal, arctic white or polished chrome or for a bespoke look, there is the option of customising the hand dryer.

High traffic locations

For busy venues such as nightclubs, motorway service stations and hospitals, the Tekflo® Classic makes an ideal choice. Somewhat retro in design, the Classic is durable, powerful and dries hands in just 12 seconds and with a ‘no touch’ design it is hygienic too.

As with all the dryers in the Tekflo® range, the Classic can be customised to suit its location, whether that is to blend in with an existing bathroom design or to reflect the organisation’s branding.

For stylish spaces

Drying in just nine seconds, the Tekflo® Advanced hand dryer has it all – speed, low noise and a contemporary design. Perfect for places such as luxury hotels, sophisticated bars, restaurants and shopping centres – the Advanced is an energy efficient choice that is easy to install and maintain. Available in a choice of standard finishes, bespoke options are also available.

As you would expect from Tekflo®, every dryer within the range has been designed to offer excellent resistance to corrosion as well as vandalism – an important consideration for public areas. What’s more, they all feature automatic cut-off technology to prevent energy wastage and minimise running costs.

If you would like help and advice choosing the right hand dryer for your venue, then contact the Tekflo® team on 01509 323 036.