Hand Dryers For Education

Every year, Tekflo® supply hundreds of hand dryers to schools, colleges and universities. We work directly with education establishments, and also with architects, main-contractors and electrical contractors.

As one of the leading suppliers of hand dryers to the education sector we can help advise you on the right hand dryer from our range to suit your project, paying particular note to the ages of the hand dryer users and their unique requirements. School hand dryers, college hand dryers and university hand dryers can all be found within our product range.

Installing our economical, hygienic hand dryers will not only reduce costs – but if you are replacing paper towels they will also reduce litter and general mess caused by paper towels being discarded carelessly.

Tekflo® For Education – The Benefits

High Quality at Low Prices

Educational facilities looking to get the best value for their budgets choose Tekflo®. Because we supply our hand dryers direct, our prices are incredibly competitive – no middle men – no resellers – just a high quality hand dyer at an uninflated price.

First-Class Service & Support

Our school hand dryers are built to offer years of trouble-free service, that’s why we confidently offer our 2-year, no fuss warranty. In the rare instances where one of our hand dryers fails, you can be assured of a rapid replace or repair service to ensure the absolute minimum of disruption.

Fast Drying & Quiet

Noise can be a concern in a busy educational environment – or indeed with young children. We can help advise on the right hand dryer for your facility, taking into account the proximity of washrooms to teaching areas, as well as the age of the users. All our university hand dryers have respectable noise ratings, starting at just 68dB, with drying times as low as 8 seconds!

Eco-Friendly with Low Running Costs

In any educational facility the number of washroom visits during one day can be substantial. Hand dryers can help make huge savings. Our super efficient college hand dryers like the Jet can operate from as little as just over £1 for 10,000 drying cycles! That’s a huge saving over paper towels – and the mess they can cause.


£119ex. VAT
  • Choose for robust shell, classic design & strong performance.


£139ex. VAT
  • Choose for space-saving low-profile design and super-low running costs.


£229ex. VAT
  • Choose for powerful twin-blade design with built-in hygiene filter.


£339ex. VAT
  • Choose for fast-drying, low-mess and hands-in design.

Request A Demo Unit

If you’d like a chance to assess the quality of our hand dryers while you’re considering a purchase – please just let us know. We’re confident that you will be very impressed!

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