In a nutshell

Working with hygiene product suppliers in the washroom industry was always going to be a perfect fit for us. So when Envirosave got in touch, they knew we could deliver the kind of efficient, safe, clean hand dryers that they wanted..

But could we deliver in the right quantities? And could we give Enviro-Save the flexible service they really needed?

The partner

Enviro-Save are suppliers of hygiene products in the UK. Their main customers are specialists in the hygiene and washroom industry who design and install washrooms in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and office blocks.

The story

Envirosave have been working with us for 12 months now. In that time they’ve carried out a number of large-scale projects. The key benefit to Envirosave is flexibility. They’ve been able to give their customer a huge range of options for different sizes, shapes and colours – the sort of choices they’ve simply not had before. This has allowed Envirosave to sell to all areas of the market, no matter how the big or small the project is.

The latest installation was for 5 x White Advanced Hand Dryers, which were fitted out in the Men’s and Ladies washrooms in an office block in London. Two units a piece went in the Men’s and Ladies and a further unit in the disabled toilet.

The customer opted for the Tekflo® Advanced model with the white finish. They wanted a sleek, clean, minimalistic dryer that could dry users’ hands – fast. A wet to dry time of less than ten seconds fit the bill perfectly.


“We have been really impressed by the quality, service, ease of installation and value for money. The feedback from our customers has been excellent.”