We believe that an eco hand dryer is a better option when compared to paper towels, there are many who would argue the opposite. However, to back up the argument we have outlined 7 core reasons as to why an eco-friendly hand dryer is the better option over paper towels…

hand dryer vs paper towels

#1 – They cannot be recycled.

Paper hand towels have been around for years and used in many bathroom facilities essentially as a tool to dry hands with after washing them. Many aren’t aware that although paper towels can be made from recycled paper, a large percentage of them aren’t, and unfortunately once used and disposed of they aren’t recycled. This is because the fibres within paper towels are too short to then be used for something else. This then causes a huge number of problems going forward but one of the main issues is that they wind up as landfill.

#2 – When they decompose they contribute towards global warming.

A huge amount of paper towels do not decompose well and when dumped in landfill, they produce a methane gas which is extremely potent, in fact, its 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. This, therefore, contributes towards global warming causing a lot of damage to the world. Where do we dispose of paper towels? Plastic bags, which further creates problems and if and how it can be recycled.

#3 – They help generate more CO2.

As mentioned above, decomposing paper towels produce a large quantity of methane gas, which is a cause of global warming. Profit has been put above the environment when it comes to the paper industry, to a point where people are now taking notice, but is it too late?

There are a lot of scare tactics around hand dryers and how they can spread germs but the science behind hygienic hand dryers means that you are spreading fewer germs, preventing hand towels from ending up in landfill, which therefore is a more sustainable approach to hand drying as well as less CO2 being created which then prevents the effects of global warming.

#4 – They block our drains.

Although you shouldn’t flush paper towels down the toilet, many still do, this is why many more are switching to hand dryers as too many drains get blocked which therefore causes expensive maintenance issues. The fibres that make up a paper towel don’t break down like normal toilet paper would causing blockages within the pipework.

#5 – One of the biggest risks is empty dispensers.

Wet hands are a massive risk to personal hygiene, and we have all been caught in public toilets where the dispenser is empty. This is something the paper towel industry tries to combat to reduce this happening, unfortunately, their efforts are inadequate compared to a hygienic hand dryer.

We have all been there, we then use toilet paper to dry off our wet hands or shake them leaving the public toilets. Shaking your hands simply spreads germs, using toilet paper creates more. Toilet paper dispensers are crawling with bacteria which are then passed to your hands.

#6 – In comparison, they cost more than hand dryers.

The savings are huge when it comes to comparing energy-efficient hand dryers with paper towels. Tekflo®’s range of hand dryers efficiently dry your hands in as little as 9 seconds with no contact, making our range highly hygienic.

#7 – Hygiene concerns.

Paper towels once wet, are a breeding ground for bacteria, throughout the last year many people have switched out paper towel dispensers for hygienic hand dryers due to the moist area around the dispenser left from the last person for the next. There are no contact hand towel dispensers but at a much higher cost, and as many businesses want to buy cheap, most install dispensers that require being touched.

This is where a Tekflo® hand dryer comes in, performance at a reliable and low price. We have designed our range to meet all requirements bringing you the latest innovations, bought directly from us with a 2-year warranty and next day delivery. Take a read of our FAQs for more info about our Tekflo® hand dryers, or speak to a member of the team.

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