While hand dryers are highly practical, people often worry that they can be too noisy for certain applications.

Fortunately, hand dryer technology has advanced over the years, meaning that there are many options available on the market for quiet hand dryers that minimise disruption. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a quiet hand dryer.

They minimise disruption in quiet places

While they bring a lot of benefits such as efficiency and hygiene, you might feel that hand dryer noise could be disruptive in some applications.

Places such as libraries, schools and theatres require public facilities but also need low levels of noise to ensure concentration or an enjoyable experience. Choosing a quiet hand dryer model will minimise sound output and disruption to the surrounding environment.

They can be situated anywhere

You may find that certain restrooms are situated in areas where a hand dryer would need to be installed on a shared wall.

This may be next door to a meeting room in an office building, or the other side of the wall from the dining area in a restaurant. A quiet hand dryer allows you to place the unit wherever is most convenient for users of the toilet facilities without causing unnecessary noise for those in the next room.

They provide an inclusive environment

Most people experience hand dryer noise as a minor inconvenience, but there are others for whom it can be unbearable.

People with autism, dementia or noise sensitivity can find loud places distressing. Even those who suffer from a hearing impairment can be negatively affected, as hearing aids can greatly amplify the sound. Quiet hand dryers offer a more pleasant and inclusive experience for everyone by minimising noise levels.

They are perfect for home use

As homes are much smaller than the public or commercial spaces in which you typically see hand dryers, people worry that they are too noisy for use at home.

Installing a quiet hand dryer means minimal noise in your home, with many producing less noise than other electrical appliances in your home, such as blenders, tumble dryers or vacuum cleaners.

Tekflo® offers a range of quiet hand dryers for all applications

All of our hand dryer models offer high-performance drying without unnecessary hand dryer noise, making them suitable for just about any location.

Our Classic hand dryer is rated at 70dB, making it one of the quietest models in its class, while our Jet hand dryer offers high-spec drying at just 72dB.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how each of our models stacks up to the competition, and visit our FAQ page for answers to some of the most common hand dryer questions.

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