Electric hand dryers are extremely convenient, allowing you to dry your hands in a matter of seconds. They are hygienic, efficient and easy to use, with low running costs. But have you considered installing a home hand dryer?

Having a restroom hand dryer in your home bathroom may seem like a luxury, but it’s more common than you might think.

Why install a home hand dryer?

We all lead busy lives and often rely on home appliances to help us with household chores. Dishwashers clean our plates and washing machines take care of our clothes, but we’re still using towels to dry our hands at home.

A bathroom hand dryer takes just a few seconds to use, leaving hands dry and hygienic without any mess. They are great for minimising laundry, especially for large families, and they make washing hands more fun for children.

Is a hand dryer too noisy or expensive for the home?

A hand dryer can cost less than £100, which is a great price for something that you and your family will use multiple times per day.

Modern hand dryers are also much more energy efficient than you might expect, costing just a few pence per day to run. High-speed hand dryers offer fast drying times of around 10 seconds, meaning less time spent using electricity and great energy efficiency.

The noise output of a toilet hand dryer can often be as low at 70dB, which is equivalent to running a vacuum cleaner. This means that a bathroom hand dryer isn’t much different than the other day-to-day noises in your home.

How to purchase and install a washroom hand dryer for home use

Many suppliers only sell in bulk or to the trade, which may be why people don’t realise that you can install one at home. However, there are companies and manufacturers who do sell to the public, allowing you to purchase a single bathroom hand dryer for your home.

The unit should be installed by a qualified electrician and usually needs to be placed at least 60cm away from sources of water such as baths, toilets and sinks. By hiring a professional, you can ensure that your home hand dryer is installed safely.

Purchase a home hand dryer directly from Tekflo®

While some suppliers only sell to the trade, Tekflo®’s full range is available to all customers, including the public. We sell directly to people and businesses in the UK and around the world, allowing everyone to benefit from the low factory-direct prices on our high-quality hand dryers.

Not quite ready to buy? Check out our FAQs to the answers to some of the questions you may have, or give us a call to discuss which model is right for you.

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