A commercial hand dryer can be a great investment for your facility, as it helps to ensure speedy, hygienic hand drying for your staff and customers.

As efficient as they are, people often use hand dryers incorrectly, leading to longer drying times and less effective drying. While there is a set standard for hand washing, there are very few guidelines on the best way to dry your hands once they are clean.

If you want to make sure that people get the most out of your chosen hand dryer, take a look at these different hand dryer types and how they should be used.

Hands-under hand dryers

Probably the most common style of industrial hand dryer, hands-under models blow air down onto hands in one direction.

This means that simply holding your hands underneath the air outlet isn’t enough to properly dry them.

It’s important to rotate the hands in the airflow to ensure that all surfaces, both front and back, are dried. This is particularly true for models that use a single nozzle, as the airstream is very narrow. Rubbing your hands together can also help to dry them faster.

Hands-in hand dryers

Hands-in dryers use jets of air to dry hands on both sides at the same time without the need for rubbing them together.

Placing hands fingers-down allows water to drip from the wrist down to the fingertips, where it falls to the bottom of the dryer instead of being passed from hand-to-hand.

You should move your hands slowly in the air stream to allow them to dry evenly and to avoid flicking droplets of water around the washroom.

Blade hand dryers

Whether using a single-blade or twin-blade style, the principle is much the same, using a ‘blade’ of air to scrape water from the surface of the hands.

To get the best results – your hands should be flat with fingers closed and thumbs tucked in, and you should draw them through the blade at a slow, even pace. You should also rotate your hands in between passes to ensure that both the palms and backs of the hands are dry.

It’s a good idea to point your hands slightly downwards, allowing the water to be pushed towards the ends of the fingers instead of travelling further up the hands.

Commercial hand dryers from Tekflo®

Whatever style of hand dryer you’re looking for, Tekflo® has the solution. All of our hand dryer models offer great energy performance and value for money without compromising on quality or style.

If you’d like to find out more about our commercial hand dryer range, contact a member of our team or take a look at our FAQs.

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