No matter how big or small your company, your environmental impact should be a key concern. With companies being encouraged to minimise their carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency across the board, you might wonder whether hand dryers are good for the environment.

Hand dryer power consumption is obviously a key concern when it comes to deciding which model to purchase, or whether an electric hand dryer is the right decision.

However, your carbon footprint includes more than just how much electricity the items that you purchase consume. It’s important to also factor in its full life cycle, such as the supply chain, manufacturing and distribution, as well as lifespan and running costs.

How do paper towels impact on the environment?

Paper towels require constant replenishment, which means an ongoing effect on the environment.

Depending on the manufacturer that you choose to buy from, the towels may be made from trees that have travelled the globe to be turned into paper, then sent even further to the customer.

Even if you are using recycled paper, the manufacturing process requires huge amounts of water and electricity, adding to your impact on the environment each time you purchase them. Unlike other paper products, they cannot be recycled once they are discarded as the fibres are too short to make more paper.

How do electric hand dryers impact on the environment?

In contrast, while electric hand dryers are fairly labour intensive to manufacture, their environmental impact is very low following installation.

Hand dryers only require an electricity supply to run and they need very little maintenance. Purchasing from a reliable manufacturer also reduces the need to replace each unit too frequently. However, once a hand dryer reaches the end of its life, the individual metal, plastic and electrical components can be recycled.

An energy efficient hand dryer consumes less electricity than standard models and choosing an energy supplier that offers green electricity from wind or solar farms gives you the control to further improve your carbon footprint when it comes to hand drying.

Energy efficient hand dryers from Tekflo®

If you’re looking for a low energy hand dryer, Tekflo®’s electric hand dryer range is full of great options. As all of our products are shipped from here in the UK, you can rest assured that the environmental impact of distribution is kept to a minimum, while quality and reliability remain a priority.

Although each of our hand dryers offer exceptional energy efficiency, our Eco, Jet, Edge, Ultra and Blade models offer smart eco-mode switching, allowing you to adjust your hand dryer wattage to minimise energy consumption. With options for soft, strong, hot or cool air, power consumption can be as low as 400W.

If you have any questions about the environmental impact of electric hand dryers, check out our FAQs or drop us a message.

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