From reducing waste to improving hygiene, there are many benefits to installing hand dryers in your washroom facility.

In particular, fast hand dryers can help you to save time and money day after day. Here are some of the ways that they can benefit your public or corporate facility.

Speed up drying times

High power hand dryers do the job faster by evaporating water from hands more quickly.

If you’ve ever used an extremely low-power hand dryer, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when it takes a long time to dry your hands. Fast hand dryers are particularly useful in toilet facilities at train stations, bus stations and airports, where people may be in a rush.

Increase productivity

Using a high power hand dryer can increase productivity in commercial applications.

Whether used by kitchen staff who are required to frequently wash their hands, or simply in an office environment, a high speed hand dryer allows everyone to get back to work more quickly.

Reduce electricity consumption

High speed hand dryers can be highly efficient, as they only consume energy while they are in use. While a powerful hand dryer with a high wattage may use more electricity per second, the shorter drying time means less time using electricity.

There are also many energy-efficient models available, which reduce energy consumption while still providing adequate drying power.

Minimise queues

Toilet facilities are notorious for their queues, especially in areas of high footfall such as shopping centres or entertainment venues.

One of the aspects that causes a person to spend a long time in the washroom is how long it takes them to wash and dry their hands. Installing fast hand dryers allows visitors to speed through this step, minimising queues and preventing crowding.

Improve customer satisfaction

Customers and visitors to your business form an opinion of their experience based on many different factors, and whether you provide clean, well-equipped toilet facilities can really affect that opinion.

Installing powerful hand dryers that get the job done quickly and allow people to leave the washrooms feeling clean and comfortable can help you to make a great impression.

Tekflo®’s fast hand dryer range

Every hand dryer that we make at Tekflo® provides fast drying speeds that leave hands dry in a matter of seconds.

Using rigorous testing, we are able to provide an accurate drying time for each of our hand dryers based on ‘real-world’ conditions, with the majority of our models offering drying times of 10 seconds or less.

Our Eco, Edge, Jet and Blade models also offer both soft and strong air modes, allowing you to choose between the two based on your requirements.

For more information, get in touch with us or take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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