The notion that everyone can comfortably reach a hand dryer is very naive. It is important to be inclusive, and with that said you may not realise that there are set heights for mounting your hand dryer on the wall, but it is essential you cater to everyone’s needs.

When you are planning the design of your public bathroom or commercial washroom, it is vital to think about the space and to take into consideration different people’s heights, that includes adults (male & female), children and the disabled. Within this guide, we are going to help you understand the exact heights you should be mounting your hand dryers in commercial settings, public sectors, and education settings.

hand dryer mounting height

Over stretching or bending over to reach a hand dryer can cause potential damage to one’s back, something that can have knock-on effects to their health. To avoid such issues – we have done the research to limit your pain and stress.

Below we have outlined what height your wall-mounted hand dryer should be fitted at within bathrooms…

What’s the right hand dryer mounting height for disabled access?

The recommended height for hand dryers in disabled toilets is between 875mm for hands-in dryers and 940mm for hands-under dryers, this is essential to comply with the British Standard DDA (Disability Discrimination Act). This applies for all features within a disabled bathroom. Something else to consider is that wall-mounted hand dryers need to be at least 500mm or more from any corners to allow full access.

What is the correct mounting height for a child-friendly hand dryer?

Within public toilets, you need to consider young children as they can’t necessarily reach normal height hand dryers. In both women’s and men’s toilets it’s a good idea to install one hand dryer which is mounted at a lower height to others. Most school hand dryers are fitted at a lower height, usually between 810mm and 1120mm which is suitable for most age groups. We have highlighted in the table below the correct heights for all age ranges for both hands-under and hands-in dryers.

What height should you mount a hand dryer in a women’s bathroom?

Generally, the average height for women in the UK is 5ft 3, having said that you need to cater to all heights within women’s bathrooms. The recommended height is between 975mm and 1120mm this covers both hands-under dryers and hands-in dryers.

What’s the correct hand dryer mounting height for a men’s restroom?

On average the height of men in the UK is roughly around 5ft 9, for health and safety reasons a hand dryer within a men’s washroom should be mounted between 1,050 mm and 1170mm. This is to ensure men are not having to hunch over to dry their hands, which could cause potential back difficulties.

Suggested hands-under dryer height relative to age range:

Washroom Type Installation Height
Men’s Washroom 1170 mm
Women’s Washroom 1120 mm
Children’s Washroom (Age 4-7) 810 mm
Children’s Washroom (Age 7-10) 910 mm
Children’s Washroom (Age 10-13) 1020 mm
Children’s Washroom (Age 13-17) 1120 mm
Disabled Washroom 940 mm

Suggested hands-in dryer height relative to age range:

Washroom Type Installation Height
Mens Washroom 1050 mm
Women’s Washroom 975 mm
Children’s Washroom (All Ages) 875 mm
Disabled Washroom 875 mm

Hopefully, now you are aware of all the different heights that a hand dryer should be installed at. Please be aware that these numbers are averages and you should check the specific dryers installation instructions for more detailed information.

We also advise you to choose the right hand dryer for your space to start with. If you would like help and advice choosing the right-hand dryer for your venue, then contact the Tekflo® team on 01509 323 036.

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hand dryer mounting height
hand dryer mounting heights