From airports to shopping centres, public toilets see a lot of people coming and going. This high footfall means that it’s important to equip your facilities with appliances that can handle this use, and stainless steel hand dryers are the perfect solution.

Minimise replacement

The rugged exterior of stainless steel hand dryers allows them to stand up to everyday use and regular cleaning schedules.

Choosing a heavy duty hand dryer increases the lifespan of the unit and reduces the need for premature replacement.

Easy to clean

Stainless steel is easy to clean, helping you to provide a pristine and hygienic environment for visitors to your public toilets.

Whereas plastic can warp or absorb certain stains, stainless steel can be wiped over quickly and easily without damage to the finish.

No rust

While there are many metal hand dryers on the market, they may be susceptible to rust.

Due to their location, hand dryers often come into contact with water through wet hands and regular cleaning, and rust can be an issue for other metals. With stainless steel, you don’t need to worry about rust ruining the look or performance of the unit.

Great looking

Metal hand dryers can be much more visually appealing than their plastic counterparts.

Many bathrooms use stainless steel to present a clean, elegant look. Stainless steel hand dryers allow you to include the units in the decor instead of them just being functional appliances.

Less susceptible to vandalism

Stainless steel is more difficult to mark or break than materials such as plastic, making it less of a target for opportunistic vandals.

Choosing heavy duty hand dryers minimises the risk of vandalism, so you won’t have to clean, repair or replace vandalised units.

Create a good impression

There are multiple factors that go into a visitor’s impression of your business, and the appearance of the toilet facilities can make or break their experience.

Cheap hand dryers can make your washrooms seem uninviting and not cared for, especially if they show signs of wear. Metal hand dryers provide a sleek, practical appearance and still look great even after years of use.

Cost effective

Although stainless steel hand dryers are more expensive than those with plastic cases, all of these benefits we’ve discussed mean that they’ll save you money over time.

A heavy duty hand dryer will naturally last longer, meaning you don’t need to spend money on repairs, replacements or installation of new units.

Rugged stainless steel hand dryers from Tekflo®

The entire Tekflo® hand dryer range uses stainless steel shells to provide hardwearing practical appliances that look great and perform reliably.

To find out more about our heavy duty hand dryers, get in touch or check out our frequently asked questions.

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