If the average person was asked, they would maybe only be able to name one or two brands of hand dryers.

World Corporation used to be the brand you saw in public toilets, everywhere. Recently, Mr Dyson has waded into the fray. To the uninitiated, there seem to be two options, a brand you’ve never heard of, or Dyson.

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There are other options though. In this article we look at the main brands available to choose from and investigate the pros and cons for each…

#1 – Which Hand Dryer Brand Is Best for Me?

So, let’s start with the market leader. If you’re looking for a fast, efficient hand dryer the obvious go-to is Dyson. They are stylish, innovative and from a brand which has revolutionised the vacuum cleaner, the appeal is most apparent.

If carbon footprint is not of huge concern to you, Dyson can guarantee you efficiency. As with all hand dryers, there is a compromise to be had between energy efficiency and speed. The more efficient the dryer the colder it has to be, the more energy used to heat the air to dry your hands, the less efficient it becomes.

Cost is a primary deciding factor when purchasing hand dryers, especially if placing a bulk order for a multiple-site business. The disappointing thing about Dyson is the outlay. For a company which enjoys such supremacy in the market, the cost is prohibitive to many smaller firms and unjustifiable to many multi-site corporations. A casual glance online brings up prices north of £600 for the popular V-shaped blade model.

XLerator is another brand which has risen to claim a share of the spoils in recent years. Clinching a contract with a large Yorkshire-based Supermarket, they demonstrate an emphasis on power. Unfortunately, the more powerful your hand dryer, the louder it is. In an open-plan office with partition walls, noise pollution can be extremely disruptive and so an XLerator may not be conducive to an efficient, hardworking office environment.

So, is there another option? Tekflo® are a less well-known brand but one which have established themselves as the business choice for commercial hand dryers. Offering a middle ground between cost and efficiency and power and eco concerns, Tekflo’s range of 10 automatic hand dryers has something for everyone.

Tekflo® were established by a band of brothers who had simple aims when it came to manufacturing: design it yourself, make it efficient, keep it affordable. Our extensive range of hand dryers covers the full gambit of applications for any requirement.

#2 – Which Tekflo® Hand Dryer Is Best for Me?

Deciding which automatic hand dryer works best for you is critical to making the right choice for your pocket, for your company’s efficiency and to minimise noise pollution. For more information on our extensive range, please read more here.

Dryer Description Price
Essential Our entry-level hand dryer is compact and affordable. £ 79 ex. VAT
Classic More powerful than the entry-level, this model is robust. £ 99 ex. VAT
Jet This super slim model offers mid-level power and drying time. £ 119 ex. VAT
Advanced More powerful, stylish and bold, looks good in your livery. £ 129 ex. VAT
Eco Economical and elegant, can be set lower to reduce footprint. £ 149 ex. VAT
Edge This innovative model is designed to be more hygienic. £ 199 ex. VAT
Ultra Slim and futuristic in design, medium power output. £ 229 ex. VAT
Fusion Ultra-slick tap design, perfect for boutique businesses. £ 279 ex. VAT
Blade Hands in operation with rapid 8-second drying time. £ 299 ex. VAT
Breeze Semi-recessed for bathrooms with limited space. £ 349 ex. VAT
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