Hand dryers are a convenient addition to your facilities in both public and private sectors, but their up-front costs can make them seem expensive.

The hand dryer price itself isn’t the only thing that you should consider when choosing which model to purchase. To better understand your investment, it’s important to think about the associated costs to ensure the most economical option for your shopping centre, school, office or hotel.

Hand dryer cost

While some cheaper models are just as good as—or even better than—the most expensive options, there’s a definite distinction between a cheap hand dryer and a cost-effective hand dryer. Like with any electrical equipment, it’s important to do your research before you buy.

Buying a low cost hand dryer doesn’t necessarily save you money. You should also consider the expenses that you will be paying over the lifetime of the hand dryer and choose an option that offers a good balance.

Installation costs

You’ll need a qualified electrician to install your hand dryers, so, to keep installation costs low, it’s important to consider how many individual units you’ll require.

While it’s not essential to have one basic hand dryer per cubicle, you need enough to cope with demand. Purchasing high-performance models will reduce the time needed to dry hands, minimising queues without the need for lots of individual dryers.

Maintenance costs

Following installation, there’s very little to worry about in the way of maintenance, though you should include your hand dryers in your regular PAT testing.

The best way to minimise hand dryer maintenance costs is to purchase from a reliable manufacturer to ensure a high-quality product that lasts. You should also make sure to regularly clean each unit to minimise dust ingress.

Electricity costs

Once you have purchased and installed your hand dryers, there’s little in the way of ongoing costs that you need to consider. However, one thing that you will definitely need to pay for is the electricity used to run them.

Many budget hand dryers are inefficient, meaning that they use more electricity to do the same job as an energy-efficient model. This means that a cheaper discount hand dryer might end up costing you more in the long run.

Affordable and reliable hand dryers from Tekflo®

Tekflo® low cost hand dryers give you the performance and reliability of bigger manufacturers, but at a fraction of the cost. We’ve found the most efficient means of production and UK distribution, which allows us to offer low prices and high quality.

Visit our product pages for more details on Tekflo®’s automatic hand dryer prices, and take a look at our FAQs for answers to common questions. If you need any more information, we’ll be happy to help.

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