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Choosing The Right Hand Dryer For Your Location

When it comes to fitting out a public restroom, whether in a high-class restaurant or company offices, decisions must be made around [...]

Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels – What’s the Green Choice?

We all like to think we do our bit for the environment, with most of us recycling as much as we can [...]

“Quality, Service, Ease of Installation and Value For Money.”

In a nutshell Working with hygiene product suppliers in the washroom industry was always going to be a perfect fit for us. [...]

Installing Your Hand Dryer Safely

With so many do's and don’ts – and so many restrictions about operating electrical devices in a bathroom – we’re often asked [...]

The Evolution of Automatic Hand Dryers

Chicago based inventor George Clemens created the very first commercial hand dryer back in 1948 – and for a long time the [...]

Hand Dryers Versus Paper Towels

So which is better? Paper towels or hand driers? Which is the more hygienic option? The cheaper option? Let’s find out… Cost [...]